Fat and Filigree

Both my illustration work and my personal work revel in the delights of decadence and absurdity. We live in strange times and although I had initially thought that satire was dead with the election and then re-election of George Bush, we can still find ways of laughing through clenched teeth. 

Educated in both America and the UK, my work is shaped by both traditions of social and political satire which are distinct to their respective cultures. Observation is at the core of both traditions and my work is an outgrowth of revelations that were sparked by my reportage practice (which can be see at www.lifestooshortfornuance.com. ) Drawing has a sustaining interest for me and it reflects an ecstatic engagement with the world like no other act. Orchestrating the madness that is the modern world in drawings is a wholly fulfilling thing, even when those gross absurdities only touch on dark and true realities. 

In all of the grimaces, rolls of fat, clinked glasses and wry smiles in my drawings there is a profoundly human question being asked; isn't it great to be alive?


Self Made Hero, The Stranger Newspaper, Stocks and Commodities, Cimarron Review, SubTerrain Magazine, Hollywood Outsider, Jack Sprat Press, Livingston Press, Rockford Review, New York Etchers Press, and World War III Illustrated.


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Historical Society, Library of Congress and numerous libraries across the US. 

Photo by Cecilia le Poer Power

Photo by Cecilia le Poer Power